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Buddy GuyMarch is musical in Indianapolis this year. While Indy is always a good musical venue, this March features some of the greatest musicians in history. On March 13th, British super group Pink Floyd will appear at the Murat Theatre. On March 13th local favorites The Indiana Boys will showcase their version of roots music, with flavors of bluegrass, rock and folk music. Also on the 13th the Jazz band Of America, consisting of the top high school jazz musicians in the country will appear at the Clowes Memorial Hall Of Butler University. On the 14th legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy will be appearing at the Honeywell Center in Wabash. Folk singer Gordon Lightfoot of “Edmond Fitzerald” fame will appear at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne on March 19th. On March 20th The Winter Jam 2015 festival featuring contemporary Christian Music will be held at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

indianapolis_river_greenSome other events with a musical side are coming up as well. The St. Patrick’s Day Block Party will feature music, food and fun on March 17th !!! They say the best things come in pairs, on March 27th an interesting combination will be on display at the Athenaeum. Beer and Ballet, sponsored by the Ballet Theater Of Indiana and Sun King Brewery brings together ballerinas and brews. The Indiana Historical Society will sponsor Circus Day On March 28th. Circus Day is a free event featuring the Hampel Family circus, there will be animal shows, music magicians clowns and more.

There’s always something interesting going on in Indianapolis. If this great city has caught your interest and you’re considering a move here, call your friends here at All My Sons Moving & Storage and we’ll help you with a fun, professional move.

Images courtesy of Bryan Thompson and DoItIndy

Sammy Terry, an Indy cultural icon.

Indy isn’t known as an art city. Much as we love our home, cities like Chicago and Nashville have something we don’t. It’s this desire to revitalize our culture that has spawned numerous art groups in the past few years. Because of their hard work, Indianapolis is on the road to being a regional cultural capitol. Between Tanjerine and Oranje, the five new Shakespeare companies in town, and a slew of other arts wonders, Indianapolis has a wealth of culture to explore.

The boom of culture is great, but the secret behind it is even better. While technological advancements like social media have helped reduce costs for the artists, the real reason for their success is us Hoosiers. The community has gotten behind every effort, giving discounts to artists and enjoying their art. The response is so overwhelming that even Sammy Terry came back a couple years ago, played by the original actor’s son.

While these changes happen too slowly for any news about them to be either old or too early to be informative, we hope that this glimpse into Indianapolis culture is both. The growth of local art, theatre, hijinks,and altruist mayhem do us all a service, so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

The residency in downtown Indianapolis is on the rise and many people are realizing the convenience of living in a downtown apartment. The city currently has 21 new downtown housing projects scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

The downtown high-rise apartments and lofts offer many amenities in the complexes. Some have gyms, dry-cleaning services, and wonderful rooftop views. Other’s even wine cellars, restaurants, bars, and CityWay, one of the newest developments in Indianapolis, has announced that it plans to open up a 3,000 square-foot art gallery.

Also the convenience of being able to walk or be in close access to most of Indianapolis’ major employers, restaurants, and night activities – such as sports and entertainment venues – drives people into living in the downtown area.

Your local Indianapolis mover, All My Sons Moving & Storage, is no stranger to the fact that more and more people are flooding into downtown areas. If you are looking to move into downtown Indianapolis, let All My Sons help you get there.

Football fans in Indianapolis may be in for a treat as Mayor Greg Ballard revealed plans to bring the Super Bowl back to Indy. The potential Indy Super Bowl won’t likely happen until 2018, but your Indianapolis moving professional here is still teeming with anticipation. Aside from appeasing the many pigskin enthusiasts living in Indianapolis, a second Super Bowl in Indy would be great for the local economy! A whopping 116,000 game attendees traveled from distances of fifty miles or more to see the previous Indy Super Bowl, and during the weeks leading up to the big game at that! All signs are pointing to a favorable outcome regarding the possible return of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis… But for now, we wait.

This weekend in Indianapolis, machines built for combat will battle each other to the death all for the sake of their creators’ affection, which is to say that the National Robotics League Championships are here! Tomorrow Indianapolis residents will enjoy the carnage as robots of all shapes and sizes destroy each other for the sake of science! You may wonder, “why put so much time effort (and money!) into building something doomed for destruction?” The pursuit of happiness can exist in many forms, and one thing is for sure, members of the National Robotics League get a lot of joy out of watching their creations go to battle, even if an untimely end awaits!

Your Indianapolis movers are a team of well-oiled machines, but don’t expect to see us battling it out with the other robots! We need our movers in prime condition to provide top-notch relocation services for our customers! Plus, apparently there is a strict ‘no-humans-allowed’ rule in effect. Oh well, maybe next year!

The now defunct Busch Stadium in Indianapolis will soon provide seating for IndyGo bus stops all over town. Prior to being moved to their various locations, the stadium seats will be dismantled, cleaned, repainted, and meticulously reconstructed. The stadium seating being repurposed for bus stops seems like an excellent idea if you ask your professional Indianapolis mover here; extending the lifespan of the seats is great for the environment and your relocation service providers are surely not the only Indianapolis locals who are quite fond of the stadium seating look. Several of the new PUPstops, as they have been named, have already been installed, so keep an eye out for more of the restored stadium seats as they’ll be popping up at IndyGo stops all over!

Did you know that fall is the favorite month of fruit flies? The ripening of fruit attracts fruit flies, which can often lead them into your kitchen where they are hardly welcome. Fruit flies may be a huge irritant, but your Indianapolis professional movers have a trick for nipping your pest problem in the bud. It is no secret that fruit flies harbor a constant craving for cider vinegar, which makes cider vinegar excellent bait for fruit fly traps. Simply pour a bit of vinegar into a small cup or jar, and cover the top with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Use a needle or a tooth pick and poke several small holes through the plastic wrap on top of the jar. Their appetite for that delicious vinegar will enable your fruit flies to find their way through the small holes in the plastic. Once inside, however, the fruit flies will have a difficult time getting out of the trap –and with all that tasty cider vinegar, they probably won’t even want to leave the jar! Place a trap near the areas in your home with the highest fruit fly traffic; near fruit, sink drains, etc. Don’t let fruit flies move in to your house without putting up a fight!

Franklin is one Indiana town that certainly has much to be proud of, and has for decades. From automotive components to star athletes such as former IU basketball player, Steve Alford, Franklin is a city that produces high quality products and people! It has been almost seventy years since Time Magazine drew the same conclusion when it featured Franklin as an “Ideal American Town” in its photo-illustrated article. Back then Franklin still exhibited many small-town qualities, but has grown by leaps and bounds following the Time Magazine spot. Today Franklin’s population has expanded close to four times its original populace, and is home to many big companies such as Toyota and Mitsubishi. Franklin locals have plenty of employment opportunity both within and nearby their homes with Indianapolis being a mere twenty-five miles away. Your Indianapolis movers here highly approve of your decision to move to Franklin, and you can count on us for a smooth and efficient transition into your new home!

After nearly ten years have gone by, the tragic events which occurred in New York on September 11th 2001 can still be extremely difficult to think or talk about in America. The ten year anniversary is Sunday, and people all over the world are sure to have the victims of 9/11 in their thoughts and prayers. Your Indianapolis relocation specialists know that moving on from such a tragedy can take much longer than ten years, and our hearts go out to all who were affected by the attacks that happened on that day.

Almost anywhere businesses go, people will follow, and Brownsburg has welcomed many of both moving to this appealing Indianapolis suburb. Within the last decade, many businesses have relocated to Brownsburg including motorsports and biotechnical faceted firms. Jobs in the area are good-paying and they aren’t the only temptation factor which has people moving to Brownsburg with your Indianapolis professional movers. The school system is top notch, the cost of living is exceptionally affordable, and Brownsburg is a hop skip and a jump away from Indianapolis.