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Downtown Residency Growing

The residency in downtown Indianapolis is on the rise and many people are realizing the convenience of living in a downtown apartment. The city currently has 21 new downtown housing projects scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

The downtown high-rise apartments and lofts offer many amenities in the complexes. Some have gyms, dry-cleaning services, and wonderful rooftop views. Other’s even wine cellars, restaurants, bars, and CityWay, one of the newest developments in Indianapolis, has announced that it plans to open up a 3,000 square-foot art gallery.

Also the convenience of being able to walk or be in close access to most of Indianapolis’ major employers, restaurants, and night activities – such as sports and entertainment venues – drives people into living in the downtown area.

Your local Indianapolis mover, All My Sons Moving & Storage, is no stranger to the fact that more and more people are flooding into downtown areas. If you are looking to move into downtown Indianapolis, let All My Sons help you get there.

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