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Art and Beauty

Sammy Terry, an Indy cultural icon.

Indy isn’t known as an art city. Much as we love our home, cities like Chicago and Nashville have something we don’t. It’s this desire to revitalize our culture that has spawned numerous art groups in the past few years. Because of their hard work, Indianapolis is on the road to being a regional cultural capitol. Between Tanjerine and Oranje, the five new Shakespeare companies in town, and a slew of other arts wonders, Indianapolis has a wealth of culture to explore.

The boom of culture is great, but the secret behind it is even better. While technological advancements like social media have helped reduce costs for the artists, the real reason for their success is us Hoosiers. The community has gotten behind every effort, giving discounts to artists and enjoying their art. The response is so overwhelming that even Sammy Terry came back a couple years ago, played by the original actor’s son.

While these changes happen too slowly for any news about them to be either old or too early to be informative, we hope that this glimpse into Indianapolis culture is both. The growth of local art, theatre, hijinks,and altruist mayhem do us all a service, so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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