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Indianapolis Movers Tip for Battling Fruit Flies

Did you know that fall is the favorite month of fruit flies? The ripening of fruit attracts fruit flies, which can often lead them into your kitchen where they are hardly welcome. Fruit flies may be a huge irritant, but your Indianapolis professional movers have a trick for nipping your pest problem in the bud. It is no secret that fruit flies harbor a constant craving for cider vinegar, which makes cider vinegar excellent bait for fruit fly traps. Simply pour a bit of vinegar into a small cup or jar, and cover the top with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Use a needle or a tooth pick and poke several small holes through the plastic wrap on top of the jar. Their appetite for that delicious vinegar will enable your fruit flies to find their way through the small holes in the plastic. Once inside, however, the fruit flies will have a difficult time getting out of the trap –and with all that tasty cider vinegar, they probably won’t even want to leave the jar! Place a trap near the areas in your home with the highest fruit fly traffic; near fruit, sink drains, etc. Don’t let fruit flies move in to your house without putting up a fight!

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