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March is musical in Indianapolis this year. While Indy is always a good musical venue, this March features some of the greatest musicians in history. On March 13th, British super group Pink Floyd will appear at the Murat Theatre. On March 13th local favorites The Indiana Boys will showcase their version of roots music, with […]

The residency in downtown Indianapolis is on the rise and many people are realizing the convenience of living in a downtown apartment. The city currently has 21 new downtown housing projects scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. The downtown high-rise apartments and lofts offer many amenities in the complexes. Some have gyms, […]

Hire a first-rate moving company to manage your relocation. Most Indianapolis movers will provide you with a moving checklist to assist with organizing your move. This moving checklist allows you to keep track of your progress and ensures you don’t miss any important details.  In addition to the moving checklist and other resources, you should receive the support […]

Making a move in Indianapolis this summer? You will first need to secure a good moving quote from a reputable Indianapolis moving company. There are a number of elements that will assist your mover in providing you with an accurate moving quote. Below are a list of those items: Move date Zip code you’re moving […]

Moving a loved-one to a senior facility can be quite stressful. However, a topnotch Indianapolis mover with years of experience performing this type of relocation is the best fit for the job. You need a moving company that understands the dynamics of moving your loved-one and the pressure associated with such a project. Your Indianapolis mover should be […]

It’s not too late to schedule your move for this week. Most Indianapolis moving companies are suited to handle last minute requests from consumers. Also bare in mind that some individuals also call and cancel their moves due to logistics with closings. Either way your Indianapolis moving company should be able to accomodate your move […]

Some think it’s easier to rent a moving truck and corral friends and family than to hire a reputable moving company. Easier, maybe sometimes it’s cheaper. And in the end is it really saving you money. Let’s tally it up. You need to pay for the moving truck rental, all day food for volunteers, gas […]