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School is just right around the corner, which means college students will soon be moving into their dorms in preparation for another semester of classes. College students who travel light when relocating back to campus stand to save quite a bit on moving costs. What better way to compliment an affordable move back to school than by saving money on dorm room furnishings and necessities? Just because you have travelled light while moving back to school doesn’t mean that your new home away from home has to be a barren sight. You may be surprised what you can achieve in the dorm décor department for less than $100. Your dorm room needs a few essentials so that you can function and feel at home; your home-sweet-dorm is a great spot for all the studying you’ll soon be doing. For the much needed full nights’ sleep, don your bed with a cool and comfy bed set; Bed Bath and Beyond is one of many go-to sources for bedding, towels, shower caddies, and other dormitory must-haves. Target and Walmart are also viable sources for dorm essentials. Shop around and get what you need for as little green as possible; this semester, you’ll save so much money that you may never have to resort to Ramen Noodles for dinner!

If you’re looking for a new location to call home, what do you look for? Job opportunity? Affordable cost of living? Well your local Indiana movers would love to welcome you to the city of Indianapolis! Make yourself at home, and a very affordable home at that! And what better way to compliment the low cost of homes in Indy than with low cost of living? The cost of living in Indianapolis is close to twenty percent lower than the national average! One of the main reasons to move anywhere is for a new job, and Indianapolis has quite a bit of job opportunity, including your professional movers; your Indianapolis relocation specialists are always in need of talented new additions to the team!


In order to succeed in the moving industry professionals must understand that planning a move is stressful. Each customer possesses the potential to be very stressed when it comes to his or her relocation needs, which is why the ability to alleviate a shippers moving stress is necessary for a successful Indianapolis moving company. One of the most effective ways to help ease a customer’s stress from an upcoming move is to reassure the individual that they are in the hands of seasoned professionals; though the transition ahead may seem overwhelming to the shipper, the work involved is a walk in the park for relocation experts who work far more taxing moves on a regular basis. More often than not, when customers realize that their mover flawlessly executes jobs far more demanding than their own, moving stress begins to melt away.

Not too far from your movers in Indianapolis is the growing town of Lafayette, Indiana –specifically West Lafayette. In the last eleven years, W. Lafayette’s population has increased roughly thirty percent, and continues to do so. There are many reasons why West Lafayette is so attractive to people moving in Indiana. One major reason for the growing popularity is related to Purdue University. The school’s main campus is located in W. Lafayette, as well as the Purdue Research Park which harbors over 150 company headquarters. Your Indianapolis movers are happy to relocate you to your new home in West Lafayette if your new home happens to be there. If so, you’ve made a great choice!

An explosion sparked by defective underground power lines caused fire to rise from manhole covers today, Wednesday, in Indianapolis. Several local businesses reported both flames as well as smoke pluming from manhole covers today. Indianapolis Power and Light shut off power for about an hour to do repairs to the damaged power lines which caused the explosion earlier this morning. This isn’t the first time this has happened, in January explosions catapulted several manhole covers in the air in Indianapolis. IPL employees are likely catching flak due to the hazardous malfunctioning of the power lines! Murphy’s Law has taught us a thing or two about worst-case scenarios; if accidents can happen, accidents will happen! Your movers here have had accidents before –which is why we insist on being licensed AND insured– never resulting in an explosion thankfully! Though no company can completely prevent accidents altogether, preventative actions should always be taken to keep accidents as minimal as possible. How do your Indianapolis movers prevent disasters? By hiring only qualified employees to move your household furniture and property. Furthermore; our movers are thoroughly trained in a professional manner to ensure a smooth move on every job!

It is not at all uncommon to be mentally exhausted during your moving experience. You have to move every bit of content in your home from one place to another, so mental exhaustion is understandable. However, it can cause minor inconveniences, one of which involves something that you do every single day without putting much thought into it –which is likely the cause of the minor moving crisis that many people experience! Brushing your teeth is among the group of tasks which makes up your get-ready-for-the-day routine. If you make a mental note to move your tooth brush and all your other hygienic essentials in a specially marked box or container so that it is all put in place and ready for your first day waking up in your new home, then you won’t likely run into any urgent situations. However; I have heard many stories about people waking up after a long previous day of moving, and finding that they have either forgotten to move their hygiene products, or have forgotten which box they had packed those items in during the move. After experiencing or hearing about such a moving story, you might decide to put together an in-case-of-emergency kit which includes all of your essential items for personal freshness! You never know when you’ll need it!

Years and years ago, I was moving to a new city and doing so all on my own. This was a move not unlike many moves that college students such as myself were doing on there own, and still are! A moving game plan is always important, and during this move I could never have been in greater need of a good plan; I would soon learn the hard way that I should have put some thought into the schematics of my move before blindly diving head-first into the chaos.

There is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ game plan when it comes to moving in Indianapolis. For one thing, you may not even be moving within Indianapolis; long distance moves, international moves, local moves and so on all call for different plans of attack. For me, since I was juggling my DIY move with school and work, stretching my move out across a span of a couple weeks was the only option possible. What I failed to consider was what I would be doing –specifically where I would be sleeping and what that would require- during the lengthy transition. Moving is hard work, and the day that I had relocated my bed to my new place, I had also moved my washer and dryer along with all of my living room furniture thanks to the help of a good friend and his pick-up truck. The end of this particular day saw me in a very exhausted state, and I subsequently crashed into an immediate deep sleep as soon as I finished making my bed that evening. Waking up for work early the next morning, I wandered into the bathroom to begin my daily ritual of showering grooming and brushing my teeth. My awakening was soon to be a rude one as I realized I had forgotten my shower curtain, my towels along with my toothbrush and a few bathing essentials. I did the best I could to get clean and ready for work, but spent the rest of the day rather self conscious; needless to say, my hard labor the day before had caused me to perspire a great deal!

Hiring professional movers for your Indianapolis relocation needs makes moving much easier than this particular move was for me. It is important still to have a game plan so that moving blunders can be avoided. Needless to say, I made it through the day and made it my highest priority to collect the necessary supplies to avoid a repeat the next morning. Moving game plans aren’t a form of rocket science, so formulating your moving blueprint should be easy. Furthermore, your relocation experience is far from a nightmare if you take the time to strategize before engaging in your move!

Moving to a new home is something to be excited about for sure! On top of that, your current home has always been an investment, and can prove to be a heavy factor when it comes to the next house you will purchase. Strategy is paramount here; tactically preparing your house for sale is more than worth the effort! We are professional movers Indianapolis residents have trusted for a long time, so you can bet we have seen this concept in the flesh plenty of times! Some food for thought is always good when embarking on a not so familiar journey -selling your house- so pull up your chair and dig in!

  • The very first thing you should consider is the very first thing anybody sees when visiting your house; curb appeal! The way your house looks from the street is enough for potential buyers to consider before deciding yea-or-nay on further inspection of what could be the perfect new home for them. Whatever you must do to ensure that your home looks its best from the outside is extremely important and will be more than worth the effort put forward.
  • A gorgeous curb appeal is enough to make house-hunters enter your home, but if less-than-impressed when checking out your home’s interior, your potential buyer will lose interest and move on to the next house. You can prevent prospective buyers from prematurely exiting your home by upgrading floors appliances and anything else you see fit. Giving your home that up-to-date modern look only strengthens your investment and will definitely return to you if you make sure your place looks great!
  • Selling your home is a game just like most everything in life is; in every game, there is also competition! So don’t ignore another home for sale in your area, examine your competition that is the neighborhood around you! Find out what has worked and what has failed for other for-sale homes and you’ll surely acquire insight which will help you achieve the best possible outcome of selling your home!

Your professional mover Indianapolis offers is pumped and ready to move you to your next dream home: your next investment! So hopefully you eat up the food for thought and use its nutrients to make some beneficial decisions on your behalf. We can’t wait to move you to your new home, good luck!

Loft living has become increasingly popular over the recent years. Young and mature age groups alike enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with loft living. Why move into a loft? The appealing aspects of living in an industrial style loft are numerous; 15 foot high ceilings, chic exposed duct work, polished concrete or hardwood floors, wide open floor plans, and hip downtown scenery just to name a few. While the perks to living in a loft are plentiful, decorating your new stylish pad can be somewhat difficult; what do you do with all this open space?! The answer is simple: Whatever you want!

You can’t go wrong when decking out your new loft apartment. One way of deciding where your Indianapolis movers should place your furniture is to do an initial walk through of the place. Walk around your empty loft, and decide which space works best for what. Dividing your floor plan into different areas can help you get a basic layout of which household items go where. One popular layout idea sort of borrows from the less-is-more concept. You don’t have to go out on a furniture shopping spree with a less-is-more approach, and with less clutter in your home, your spacious loft gets to show its roominess off to all of your envious guests!

Since most loft units are found in former industrial buildings such as factories, your walls and ceilings have a much more interesting look than your standard off-white drywall found in most apartments. Painting is sometimes the first step in sprucing up a new home, but is unnecessary in a loft; why cover up the personality that your home already has? Rather than painting the brick in your loft, you may opt to decorate your walls with huge over-sized prints! And your beautiful floors are very nicely complimented by a nice area rug which can provide aesthetic anchorage for your furniture; couches, coffee table, floor lamp, etc. Modern furniture looks great in a loft apartment, smooth and simplistic contours and textures really pop! You can really get creative with your new loft, since they are highly unique in comparison to other styles of homes, you can hardly go wrong with your deco-ideas. In short; moving into a loft-style home in Indianapolis is like moving into a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless!

If you are one of the few homeowners fortunate enough to live in a house with a basement, you may not have put much thought to the potential that lies beneath your feet; maybe you should! The possibilities are endless when it comes to remodeling your barren creepy basement, and the underground aspect of your in-home get-away-to-be open up possibilities that the rest of your house cannot offer.

Underground, your basement tames sound vibrations really well. You can really go overboard and turn your basement into a home theater on steroids, feeling free to install a punch-packing sound system unlike any home theater in your neighborhood; the bass won’t leave the basement. Are there any musicians in the house? Since your basement prevents sound vibrations from moving through your neighborhood, your sub-level space is ideal for a music room; drums, piano, bass, guitar, and more are welcome! You may even want to move your bulky exercise equipment down to the basement after installing special flooring and mirrors for a new in-home gym. Your basement may also be an ideal spot to build a wine cellar, or even a private underground bar or man cave where the “last call” is up to you!

Whatever project you decide to make out of your under-used basement, don’t hesitate to get your local Indianapolis professional movers involved; your basement renovation may call for some heavy lifting easily provided by your reputable Indianapolis moving company!