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Indianapolis Loft Living: Decorating Your New Pad

Loft living has become increasingly popular over the recent years. Young and mature age groups alike enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with loft living. Why move into a loft? The appealing aspects of living in an industrial style loft are numerous; 15 foot high ceilings, chic exposed duct work, polished concrete or hardwood floors, wide open floor plans, and hip downtown scenery just to name a few. While the perks to living in a loft are plentiful, decorating your new stylish pad can be somewhat difficult; what do you do with all this open space?! The answer is simple: Whatever you want!

You can’t go wrong when decking out your new loft apartment. One way of deciding where your Indianapolis movers should place your furniture is to do an initial walk through of the place. Walk around your empty loft, and decide which space works best for what. Dividing your floor plan into different areas can help you get a basic layout of which household items go where. One popular layout idea sort of borrows from the less-is-more concept. You don’t have to go out on a furniture shopping spree with a less-is-more approach, and with less clutter in your home, your spacious loft gets to show its roominess off to all of your envious guests!

Since most loft units are found in former industrial buildings such as factories, your walls and ceilings have a much more interesting look than your standard off-white drywall found in most apartments. Painting is sometimes the first step in sprucing up a new home, but is unnecessary in a loft; why cover up the personality that your home already has? Rather than painting the brick in your loft, you may opt to decorate your walls with huge over-sized prints! And your beautiful floors are very nicely complimented by a nice area rug which can provide aesthetic anchorage for your furniture; couches, coffee table, floor lamp, etc. Modern furniture looks great in a loft apartment, smooth and simplistic contours and textures really pop! You can really get creative with your new loft, since they are highly unique in comparison to other styles of homes, you can hardly go wrong with your deco-ideas. In short; moving into a loft-style home in Indianapolis is like moving into a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless!

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