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An explosion sparked by defective underground power lines caused fire to rise from manhole covers today, Wednesday, in Indianapolis. Several local businesses reported both flames as well as smoke pluming from manhole covers today. Indianapolis Power and Light shut off power for about an hour to do repairs to the damaged power lines which caused the explosion earlier this morning. This isn’t the first time this has happened, in January explosions catapulted several manhole covers in the air in Indianapolis. IPL employees are likely catching flak due to the hazardous malfunctioning of the power lines! Murphy’s Law has taught us a thing or two about worst-case scenarios; if accidents can happen, accidents will happen! Your movers here have had accidents before –which is why we insist on being licensed AND insured– never resulting in an explosion thankfully! Though no company can completely prevent accidents altogether, preventative actions should always be taken to keep accidents as minimal as possible. How do your Indianapolis movers prevent disasters? By hiring only qualified employees to move your household furniture and property. Furthermore; our movers are thoroughly trained in a professional manner to ensure a smooth move on every job!

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