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Moving Back to School: Dorm Decor on the Cheap

School is just right around the corner, which means college students will soon be moving into their dorms in preparation for another semester of classes. College students who travel light when relocating back to campus stand to save quite a bit on moving costs. What better way to compliment an affordable move back to school than by saving money on dorm room furnishings and necessities? Just because you have travelled light while moving back to school doesn’t mean that your new home away from home has to be a barren sight. You may be surprised what you can achieve in the dorm décor department for less than $100. Your dorm room needs a few essentials so that you can function and feel at home; your home-sweet-dorm is a great spot for all the studying you’ll soon be doing. For the much needed full nights’ sleep, don your bed with a cool and comfy bed set; Bed Bath and Beyond is one of many go-to sources for bedding, towels, shower caddies, and other dormitory must-haves. Target and Walmart are also viable sources for dorm essentials. Shop around and get what you need for as little green as possible; this semester, you’ll save so much money that you may never have to resort to Ramen Noodles for dinner!

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