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The Importance of Your Moving Game Plan

Years and years ago, I was moving to a new city and doing so all on my own. This was a move not unlike many moves that college students such as myself were doing on there own, and still are! A moving game plan is always important, and during this move I could never have been in greater need of a good plan; I would soon learn the hard way that I should have put some thought into the schematics of my move before blindly diving head-first into the chaos.

There is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ game plan when it comes to moving in Indianapolis. For one thing, you may not even be moving within Indianapolis; long distance moves, international moves, local moves and so on all call for different plans of attack. For me, since I was juggling my DIY move with school and work, stretching my move out across a span of a couple weeks was the only option possible. What I failed to consider was what I would be doing –specifically where I would be sleeping and what that would require- during the lengthy transition. Moving is hard work, and the day that I had relocated my bed to my new place, I had also moved my washer and dryer along with all of my living room furniture thanks to the help of a good friend and his pick-up truck. The end of this particular day saw me in a very exhausted state, and I subsequently crashed into an immediate deep sleep as soon as I finished making my bed that evening. Waking up for work early the next morning, I wandered into the bathroom to begin my daily ritual of showering grooming and brushing my teeth. My awakening was soon to be a rude one as I realized I had forgotten my shower curtain, my towels along with my toothbrush and a few bathing essentials. I did the best I could to get clean and ready for work, but spent the rest of the day rather self conscious; needless to say, my hard labor the day before had caused me to perspire a great deal!

Hiring professional movers for your Indianapolis relocation needs makes moving much easier than this particular move was for me. It is important still to have a game plan so that moving blunders can be avoided. Needless to say, I made it through the day and made it my highest priority to collect the necessary supplies to avoid a repeat the next morning. Moving game plans aren’t a form of rocket science, so formulating your moving blueprint should be easy. Furthermore, your relocation experience is far from a nightmare if you take the time to strategize before engaging in your move!

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