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Indianapolis Robots Battle it out this Weekend!

This weekend in Indianapolis, machines built for combat will battle each other to the death all for the sake of their creators’ affection, which is to say that the National Robotics League Championships are here! Tomorrow Indianapolis residents will enjoy the carnage as robots of all shapes and sizes destroy each other for the sake of science! You may wonder, “why put so much time effort (and money!) into building something doomed for destruction?” The pursuit of happiness can exist in many forms, and one thing is for sure, members of the National Robotics League get a lot of joy out of watching their creations go to battle, even if an untimely end awaits!

Your Indianapolis movers are a team of well-oiled machines, but don’t expect to see us battling it out with the other robots! We need our movers in prime condition to provide top-notch relocation services for our customers! Plus, apparently there is a strict ‘no-humans-allowed’ rule in effect. Oh well, maybe next year!

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