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Move to Franklin Indiana

Franklin is one Indiana town that certainly has much to be proud of, and has for decades. From automotive components to star athletes such as former IU basketball player, Steve Alford, Franklin is a city that produces high quality products and people! It has been almost seventy years since Time Magazine drew the same conclusion when it featured Franklin as an “Ideal American Town” in its photo-illustrated article. Back then Franklin still exhibited many small-town qualities, but has grown by leaps and bounds following the Time Magazine spot. Today Franklin’s population has expanded close to four times its original populace, and is home to many big companies such as Toyota and Mitsubishi. Franklin locals have plenty of employment opportunity both within and nearby their homes with Indianapolis being a mere twenty-five miles away. Your Indianapolis movers here highly approve of your decision to move to Franklin, and you can count on us for a smooth and efficient transition into your new home!

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