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Tips for Avoiding Winter Allergens

If winter allergies have got you down and out this winter, here is some quick advice to get you up and moving again! The winter season change obviously has a lot to do with the sudden sniffles and coughs we see during the colder months of the year… but why? To answer this question, we have to think really small, we have to think microscopic! A cold temperature is not the direct culprit here, but it does help the real culprit come out of hiding. During the warmer portions of the year, your home stays warm as well. If only it could stay that way! Warm weather allows us to leave windows open, and to spend a lot of time out doors as the temperature is more bearable. Not only do we spend more time indoors when the weather is cold, we also focus our efforts on keeping warm air inside our homes which keeps fresh air out! Your heater may help you prevent winter night shivers as you’re trying to fall asleep; but it also helps spread the dust and mold particles, that have spent the year sitting in your heating ducts, all throughout your home. Dust mite remains, mold spores, and pollen line your bronchial membranes and thus we have the perpetually irritated throat and ever runny nose. Your body may not be sick, but it still has to do something to rid your breathing passages of debris. You can do quite a bit to help your body help itself during the season’s changing.

  • Your bathroom is a hot spot for mold during the winter. Moisture is just about all mold needs to survive and to populate. You should allow your bathroom access to circulating air to prevent moisture from settling, and should eliminate any mold which already lives in your bathroom. Cleaning your shower curtain and bathmats regularly on top of airing out your bathroom after you shower will help prevent a mold infestation from taking over your home. Use a disinfectant spray on your shower curtains and on surfaces prone to moisture in your bathroom, and run your bath mats and towels through the wash cycle weekly. Mold doesn’t stand a chance against you if you just stay on top of moisture control.
  • Dust mites are another threat that we must keep in check. Dust mites live off of the dander and skin cells that we shed (and that our pets shed!) Dust mites pose a threat as their feces and skin castings go airborne and into our lungs, what a disgusting thought! Dust mites can flourish in many places throughout your home. Your mattress, your bed linens, your furniture, and your carpet are some of the countless areas in your house that dust mites call home. Especially if you have pets, you should keep these spots in your home in mind when battling winter allergies. Vacuum your carpet and rugs as often as possible, your sitting furniture as well. Also, run your clothing and bed linens through the wash regularly to prevent these little pests from getting comfortable in your home!
  • The air flow in your home is an important factor when it comes to fighting allergens. It is wise to change your air filter to a high efficiency particulate air filter (or HEPA filter) so that particles in your air ducts are not introduced into your home. Also, regularly letting in a burst of fresh air will prevent stale air from sitting in your house. It doesn’t take much to improve the quality of the air we breathe at home, but it does a world of difference!

As always, these are just a few tips to get your thoughts moving. Stay on top of preventing winter allergens in your home. It is extremely easy to keep your home winter-weather-ready and way worth the effort! You may not be an Indianapolis professional mover, but you still need to be active even in the winter time.

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